# Advanced Usage

# The management interface

WooCommerce Attribute Stock includes a separate user-friendly admin page for advanced management of your attribute stock. It is not intended to replace the native Product Attributes interface, but rather to supplement it with improved management and configurability of your attribute stock inventory.

Attribute stock advanced interface

The advanced interface can be accessed by navigating to Products > Attribute Stock.

# Managing stock items

Advanced options and settings for attribute stock items can be configured from the Attribute Stock screen. You can easily add new items or editing existing ones.

Edit attribute stock item

# Inventory tab

The inventory tab displays the most commonly used fields:

  • SKU — Set the Stock Keeping Unit for the attribute stock item. Optional.
  • Stock quantity — The current stock quantity of the attribute stock item.
  • Notes — Internal notes about the attribute stock item.

# Attributes tab

The attributes tab provides a simple yet powerful interface to match attributes or groups of attributes to your stock item. Each attribute match is efficiently queried from top to bottom against product listings.

For example, if a match group is added for Size: Small and Color: Red, then products with BOTH of these attributes assigned will be linked to this attribute stock item.

By default only the first matched group will be considered when reducing stock for a purchased product. Reducing stock for ALL matched groups can be enabled with the Match all groups option.

You may also set a Quantity multiplier per match group. This controls how much stock is reduced per purchase. Setting this field to 0 will disable the match group completely.

# Configuring advanced options

Configure advanced options

# Settings tab

Additional options can be set for more advanced control of your attribute stock items.

  • Low stock threshold — When stock reaches this amount or less, you will be notified by email (if enabled in WooCommerce settings). Stock quantity will be displayed in red instead of green in the Attribute Stock table list. This stock item will also be listed under Low in stock or Out of stock respectively in the Attribute Stock report.
  • Match all groups — With this option enabled, stock will be reduced for every matched attribute group in cases when more than one match occurs for a product/variation. This is an alternative to the default of only reducing stock for the first matched attribute group.
  • Limit product stock — This option restricts the available stock for matching products and prevents over-purchasing. This option is required for attribute stock to affect the available product stock on the frontend. It should be disabled for stock items that do not affect the availability of a product. Scroll down for more info on how product stock limiting works.

# Filters tab

One or more filters can be set to narrow down the products that your attribute stock items will match.

  • Products — Filter matches to only the specified products/variations.
  • Exclude products — Filter matches to all products except the specified products/variations.
  • Categories — Filter matches to only products within the specified categories.
  • Exclude categories — Filter matches to products within all but the specified categories.
  • Product types — Filter matches to only products of the specified type.

# How product stock limiting works

Limiting product stock binds attribute stock to your product's availability, displaying the effective available stock for a product and preventing customers from over-purchasing associated attribute stock.

For example, if a product has 10 available, but is assigned to an attribute with 5 available, then the product page will show 5 in stock instead of 10. Likewise, customers will only be able to purchase a maximum of 5.

This also applies to products that do not manage stock themselves. In the example above, if the product's Manage stock option is disabled and Stock status is set to In stock, the product will still show only 5 in stock since there's not enough attribute stock to fulfill more than 5 orders.

If however the product's Stock status is set to On backorder, then its available quantity will not be limited by attribute stock as it will allow "back-ordering" of the product and attribute regardless of stock on hand.

Product stock limiting is enabled by default, but may be disabled per attribute stock item from the advanced edit interface.


The effective available stock of a product is the lowest available quantity of the product's stock and all matching attribute stocks.