# Introduction

Welcome to the WooCommerce Attribute Stock online documentation.

Take control of your product inventory with flexible attribute stock. Easily track shared stock, variable stock, product addons, ingredients, and much more!

# Why Attribute Stock?

WooCommerce Attribute Stock allows you to set, track and manage stock at the product attribute level. This allows some very useful functionality for setting up your product stock.

You can even track stock that's not directly included in a product, such as packaging, labels, office supplies, etc.

Until now, this level of stock control has not been possible with WooCommerce or any other 3rd party solution on the market.

# Installing

To install, simply upload the plugin to your site via Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin.

Alternatively, unzip the plugin ZIP file and upload the resulting folder to your site's /wp-content/plugins/ directory. Don't forget to activate it through the Plugins menu in WordPress.

# Upgrading from the Lite Version

If you have the Lite version installed, make sure to uninstall it before installing the Full version. Your attribute stock data will not be deleted.

# Updating

Automatic updates can be enabled in WordPress by authorizing your Envato account.

If you have more than one license, please install the Envato Market WordPress Plugin (opens new window) which allows authorizing multiple sites with the same Envato account.

If you need to update manually, the procedure is the same as installing the plugin ZIP file. Prior to WordPress version 5.5, the old plugin must be deactivated and uninstalled before installing the new ZIP file.

Your attribute stock data will not be deleted when uninstalling.

# Deleting data

By default, when you uninstall WooCommerce Attribute Stock, all of the attribute stock data you've added will remain in your database. This safeguards against accidental data loss.

If you want all attribute stock data to be deleted when uninstalling, simply add the below line to your wp-config.php file before uninstalling the plugin:

define('MEWZ_DELETE_DATA', true);